Saturday, 25 June 2011


It was like saving up for the biggest, brightest, most explosive and colourful firework in the shop, telling everyone about it, organising a big display full of nervous anticipation and excitement and then watching it spit, fizzle and fade without even leaving the ground.. That was the start of the big ride. I'd managed to pick up malaria again just before we left Ghana and then got ill again in Kenya. The doctor ordered rest. The Nightingales in Nakuru could not have been more accommodating, hospitable and welcoming. Putting up with ill, distant relatives for almost two weeks (we were meant to stay for two nights) seemed just another part of their day. The silver lining in that much delayed fireworks display was that we got to know them and spend time with such a fun and easy-going family. It wasn't part of the plan but it was great. A thousand thank yous.

We visited the stunning Menengai crater.

Learnt more about farming than we'd ever imagined. Saw the wonderful Kenana knitters project - which uses local wool and natural dyes to create the most stunning toys and clothes and provides much-needed income generation for the local women near Nakuru.

And borrowed Luke's very cool 4x4 to spend the day driving around Nakuru national park. Which was an unforgettable experience (partly due to my driving). We saw hundreds of pink-tinted flamingos and pre-historic-looking giant storks flapping at the lake edge in the early morning sun. We saw herds of gruff-looking buffalo and graceful gazelles, huge thick-skinned rhinos (including a baby), strutting giraffes, skulking hyenas and finally a lion's mane (he was submerged and very relaxed in the long grass). Amazing.

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