Thursday, 30 June 2011

It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive...

It's a saying I love but in certain circumstances it's difficult to appreciate. Day two rolls like spaghetti hoops, soaring downhill, punishing uphill. All too steep. Stunning but slow. I expend a lot of energy coming up with more and more ingenious reasons for stopping (you'd be surprised how many there are). At each stop we are greeted by friendly and over-excited children. At one such top-of-hill-stop we meet an Olympic gold athlete (more from Andy on that one). It turns out we're cycling through marathon country where the children run to school at high altitude, over an incredibly hilly landscape - producing the world's top runners. Suffice to say we only make it about 50km before pulling in to a tiny village called Kamwosor. We stay in the local truck stop (quite literally) run by the lovely Joanne and eat the most amazing chapattis in the world in the least salubrious cafe. Great chat though.

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