Friday, 24 June 2011

Arrival in Kenya

I had a dream sometime in April that I had decided to skimp on costs and take a flight with Tro Tro Airways instead of BA. I'll keep this idea away from Michael O'Leary.

So we left Ghana in style by EasyTro on 1st June and arrived in Nairobi the following morning. Fortunately I slept through the whole white knuckle ride. The first thing that struck us descending the steps of the plane was the temperature – colder than a naturist caught in a Siberian blizzard. A brutal shock after spending almost 9 months in the West African oven to discover that parts of Africa were actually cold. Lucy immediately chastised me for persuading her to ditch her down jacket. I’m too busy regretting our decision to cut down on weight by only taking one sleeping bag to share…
We wanted a quick exit from Nairobi to avoid getting lost in traffic fumes and we’d been recommended a driver (John) to take us to Naivasha. John was brilliant telling us a bit about politics, tribes, landscape, history, and took us on the Old Naivasha Road (built by Italian prisoners of war during WWII) to marvel at the spectacular view across the Rift Valley as we descended the north escarpment alongside Mount Longonot. It was a tad difficult to take in what we were seeing. The area of Ghana we had been in was dense tropical forest, bright lush green all around, sticky and humid beyond belief and rarely could you see beyond your immediate surroundings. Looking across the dry savannah for literally tens of miles and with fresh air to breath it felt like the whole world was opening up for the first time. Truly awe inspiring.

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