Friday, 24 June 2011

Cycling in East Africa

We’d always intended to take a bike ride somewhere in Africa. Well we've finally chosen a route taking in some pretty exciting parts of the world. 60 days round Lake Victoria taking in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania, hopefully finishing for a few days on Zanzibar (but we may have to get there by bus, boat or plane because of the distance), and returning on 10th August to London for Papa and Sarah’s wedding in London.

Preparations seemed pretty endless at times, particularly perhaps to those within earshot – which bikes, which tyres, which clothes, what medical stuff, what camping
kit, how many pannier bags, where to go, how far can we pedal, how do we fend off hyenas and snakes…? Planning stuff just helps build the excitement in my book of square Mulholland things to do. In Lucy's book it is just time that could be better spent reading a book, or worrying about hyenas and snakes.
The packing process was particularly fraught, generally with me taking a boot camp survival mentality and Lucy attempting to plan for some sort of comfort. Pah! I’d just like to get in writing now that I did not sneakily eject any of her stuff.


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