Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Ready for the off

After a whistlestop farewell tour of the UK (possibly more Happy Mondays than Abba in its profitability) we now reach the eve of our departure. A lot of people have rightly suggested we must be incredibly excited. However to be honest it has been such a mad rush getting everything sorted, we've barely had time to think beyond moving flats, finishing work and getting forms and innoculations all signed off.

Speaking of which, after receiving an elephant-sized cold from the ever thoughtful Colin Gordon, I was unable to get my final rabies vaccine in the usual clinical environment at my local GP. So after transporting the drug between five different fridges via Dad's cool bag, here (in the photo) is my good friend and doctor Richard Woods administering the necessary in the Pitcher and Piano in London during lunch on Monday. An odd side effect not mentioned on the box was waking in the middle of the night to find my self biting Lucy's hand. Fortunately I wasn't foaming at the mouth.
See you all in a year. Andy


  1. Hey you two! Hope you're doing brilliantly over there... So, what news? We're thinking of you and wishing you well on your new adventure.
    With much love, Cathy, James and Kiera xxx (Kiera also sends a big dollop of drool and a wide-open-mouth kiss for you both)

  2. that Colin Gordon - always thoughtfully passing on rhinoviruses to people travelling here and there around the world. who needs innoculations when you have a mate like that?
    got the thankyou card. Lovely thanks so much. Seems like so long ago now.....oh wait, it was.
    Have fun guys but watch out for the 'fresh white' dude....he sounds like a closet hibbee....

  3. Bloody hell are you still harping on about that. Dry your eyes wet pants. Col