Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Our office

We've now completed our final VSO UK training course. A very tough 4 days of self-analysis, and spongeing informaton. The courses have covered health, security, relationships, culture and working environment, dealing with your own and others' preconceptions, and negotiation and facilitation skills in some detail. VSO is pretty thorough in preparing people. Exhausting, but really worthwhile and quite inspiring to meet some of the amazing people who are heading off to some very tough placements.

We have one final training course in Accra starting on 12th September. The above photo shows the office in Koforidua that we'll both be based from.

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  1. Just got your letter this am, Andrew and Lucy which allowed us to come on this site. Many thanks. All the best at the start of your year's work. We are sure you will make a positive contribution in empowering people in Ghana to achieve their dreams. I am(We are) quite envious having signed up for VSO in 1966 but not having gone. I am reminded of a truth which I suspect you have discovered which is summed up in the quote fropm Richard Byrd the American Explorer "Half of the confusion in the world comes from not knowing how little we need...I live more simply now and with more peace". Bon voyage. Les and Catherine