Sunday, 22 August 2010


11 days to go and the reality is hitting. Insomnia has set in (Andy is sleeping like a baby) and motivations are being questioned. Without sounding glib or ludicrous, it's difficult to explain why we're leaving the relative comfort of home, friends, family and good jobs to go somewhere completely lacking in proximity to these things. Our fancy dress leaving party threw up some great quotes from Mallory (Watson dressed as the exploring legend) which are barely relevant but stick in the mind. "Why climb Everest?". "Because it is there," he said several times before losing his fake beard. That's not why we're doing it but maybe one part of going to Ghana is because it's not Glasgow and doesn't offer the comforts we've grown to love. Lucy

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  1. Mully, just to let you know your Scotland top is going to Lithuania. I'll aim to only let authentic Lithuanian cigarettes burn holes in it. So, don't worry, I'll keep you guys up to date with all the important information like this. Love, Tippy