Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Return

Tall buildings, choice of foods, i=Pads and Kindles and i-Phones, restaurants, public transport, trains and fast cars and smooth roads, friends, family and delicious meals and cold rainy days, delicious sandwiches and reliable electricity and running water... so many things to be excited about now we're back..

I'm trying to remember to be grateful for all those things but its easy to see that appreciation slipping away.
I miss the random and bizarre interactions and aspects of being in Ghana and then East Africa, the incredible friendliness and generosity of strangers, the warm sunny days or excruciatingly hot sweaty ones, the wonders of spending so much time outside, the slow loping pace, the vibrant colours and crazy drivers, the spontaneity and incredible kindness of all those who took us in (that applies to Scotland too).
Thank you. Lucy

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