Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Things I didn't necessarily know before we set off....

1. It is possible to cycle 1750kms through East Africa without being eaten by lions, bitten by snakes, attacked by armed robbers, swallowed by potholes...
2. In Rwanda trying to bribe a police officer is punishable by three years in prison (not something we tested personally).
3. You can be imprisoned for making someone a birthday cake.. (see Ugandan President's birthday).
4. You can stand very close to a warthog without being harmed.
5. Drivers here are actually incredibly passive, despite seeming aggressive.. What happens while they are driving is not considered to be in their hands.
6. People can almost run you down and simultaneously greet you like a long lost cousin.


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  1. This blog has made my day, thanks a lot for publishing such interesting views, i mean @ (Things I didn't necessarily know before we set off.)
    Thanks for the observation. All the above said is very true. Then about running you down when greeting you, it shows how Ugandans are friendly especially in western Uganda and Rwanda.
    Keep up the spirit of being a great publisher.