Saturday, 16 July 2011

Volcanoes, craters and cement

The western part of Uganda seems to be dominated by volcanoes and craters. Cycling through it is clearly a little challenging, as evidenced by the distance travelled each day. But then, as I keep reminding Lucy, distance is not the object, and the area is rich in activity, beauty and incredible sights.

Spending the night at Nkuruba Crater was incredible. The stillness of the crater lake, the echos of bird and monkey calls, the shimmering moonlight. Truly memorable, as was the view from the 'Top of the World'. This peak, manned by a slightly odd local lad, looks over several of the crater lakes dotting the landscape for miles and miles.

Surrealism followed as we stayed in a local guest house (read cheap room, noisy telly, tasty local food) in Hima, home of the mighty Hima Cement man and his imposing factory that towers over the town in catalysed the formation of.

Really interesting place and one of the friendliest in the area (we'd just cycled through a few contrasting places - dirty and a bit hostile), probably a result of the relative spending power generated by steady employment. I guess the Hima equivalent in Scotland could be somewhere like Grangemouth, but I can't recall feeling the same warmth towards that little corner of my homeland...

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