Monday, 16 May 2011

Signs of God

God plays a huge part in Ghanaian society. Just one of the many things that Britons have donated to the country.
Most Christians attend church several times every week. On Sundays the streets empty and shops shut up as mornings are devoted entirely to three and four hour services. Churches and mosques are usually the focal point of even the smallest village. Often you’ll come across a small settlement of only mud huts that has a grand sparkly religious building placed in the centre.
Interestingly, mosque-goers dispense their worship moderately and quietly.
The big thing in church-going right now is to be Evangelistic or Charismatic. The latter being, as far as I can gather, more evangelistic than the evangelists. I was told that in the 80s, many Ghanaian’s broke away from the evangelistic Pentecostal Church because it wasn’t fundamentalist enough (nb one Pentecostal Church round the corner from us wakes us up at night and in the morning with their all night services), and people wanted speaking in tongues to be compulsory in their churches. So they started up the Charismatic branches.
I dedicate the following pictoral offering to this aspect of Ghana (zoom in for details)…

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