Sunday, 3 October 2010

Random football tops

Most Ghanaians support one of the devilsome duo of Chelsea or Man Utd. However, my heart leapt with joy at the sight of a bicycling local man in a circa 2006 Jambos top. Unfortunately I have no photographic evidence of this yet.
Lovers of Gaelic football will be dismayed by this photo of kenti weaver Kofi of Cape Coast, clearly led astray by a bogman from south-west Ireland. I informed him of the error of his ways. Evin – a consignment of Dubs tops would be a worthwhile investment…


  1. Mully,

    Enjoying the updates. Perhaps you could find out if the use of phrase below (see link) has managed to make its way west from Nigeria. If not, I think you should attempt to have a Scottish football related phrase of your choice entered into Ghanaian parlance by the time of your departure?



  2. I thought 'Dundee Utd' was slang for 'idiot' in every country? I'll work on 'sick as a parrot' being incorporated as the standard Twi for disappointment. Other suggestions on a postcard please...

  3. Yerra, the man's a feckin legend. Did you know the Ghanaian for "I wish I had my Cork hammer"?

  4. What the bleedin' hell!!!
    This poor guy has been led astray badly!
    Dismayed isn't even the half of it!

    loving the blog though Andy & Lucy, keep it up!